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Chapter 7

Discover how filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Minnesota can help you get a “fresh start”.

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Chapter 13

A Minnesota Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers a debt solution in the form of a repayment plan, based on your ability to pay.

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“I would recommend Kain and Scott to anyone they helped me and they work with me. They're the best I have dealt with thank you so much.”

“I want to thank you so very much for all you have done for me. Your kindness was really appreciated. Mr. Kain, you were so very nice to me. If I ever needed someone special, it was you. Thanks again!”

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What Makes Up Your Credit Score and How Bankruptcy Affects It

Credit scores are a very vague concept to most people, yet they can hold so much power over your financial well-being. Almost everybody has a credit score, and like it or not, it can affect everything from being able to open up a new credit ca…


Top 10 Bankruptcy Myths

Bankruptcy has a bad reputation. Most, if not all, of these negative feelings about bankruptcy are due to myths that have been passed on from one misinformed person to the next. We are here to set the record straight and show you that those my…


5 Things NOT to Do Before Filing Bankruptcy

Are you considering filing a bankruptcy case in Minnesota to relieve your debt problem?  If so, you may have already found a great deal of information about what you should do prior to filing bankruptcy; however, the things you should NOT…



William P. Kain

I filed my first bankruptcy case in February, 1983. In the time since then, I have filed thousands more. I have the knowledge and expertise to resolve any debt problems very quickly and easily.

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Wesley W. Scott

I understand the financial pressures my clients face because I experienced these same pressures growing up. I will make sure your case gets filed within days, not weeks, allowing you to immediately get on the road to a debt-free life again!

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Margaret R. Henehan

I can relate to the stress debt can cause. I have the solution to relieve your stress and get you back on solid ground. The biggest regret most of my clients have is waiting too long.

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