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Chapter 7

Discover how filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Minnesota can help you get a “fresh start”.

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Chapter 13

A Minnesota Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers a debt solution in the form of a repayment plan, based on your ability to pay.

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How does the bankruptcy process work?

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“Before I called you I could not stop crying... After I called you I can't stop smiling! You and your staff are different than most law offices I have been to. Everyone was so kind and helpful and sincerely so. We appreciate your service more than you can possibly know!”

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Top 10 Bankruptcy Myths

Bankruptcy has a bad reputation. Most, if not all, of these negative feelings about bankruptcy are due to myths that have been passed on from one misinformed person to the next. We are here to set the record straight and show you that those my…


5 Things NOT to Do Before Filing Bankruptcybank

Are you considering filing a bankruptcy case in Minnesota to relieve your debt problem?  If so, you may have already found a great deal of information about what you should do prior to filing bankruptcy; however, the things you should NOT…


5 Ways to Repair Your Credit After Bankruptcy

One of the top concerns of many of our clients is how filing bankruptcy will affect their credit rating. This is a valid concern because credit scores are no longer used only for obtaining credit. Insurance companies, telecommunications compan…



William P. Kain

I filed my first bankruptcy case in February, 1983. In the time since then, I have filed thousands more. The feeling I had when I filed my first case is the same I have now: that my clients, having made the difficult decision to file a bankruptcy case, would be able to protect themselves and their family financially, and I was able to help.

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Wesley W. Scott

I understand the financial pressures my clients face because I experienced these same pressures growing up. I know that most of my clients end up in debt through no fault of their own.

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Margaret R. Henehan

I can relate to the stress debt can cause and hope I can be part of the solution to relieve your stress and get you back on solid ground.

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