When searching for a Roseville MN Bankruptcy Attorney it's typically in your best interest to find one that has credible experience rather than one that's green and is without. The more cases they've filed and years of experience they have will be a good indicator of how well they will be able to help you.

The better the Bankruptcy Attorneys the quicker and easier your case will go because they'll have a clear understanding of what needs to be done in order to close your case with no objections or loss of any exemptable assets. Besides they'll be able to answer any important questions you have on the spot and walk you through the entire process every step of the way.

However, finding the best Roseville MN Bankruptcy Attorney for your case can be difficult especially if it's complicated. Before you commit to an Attorney at it's important to know how long they've been practicing Bankruptcy, how many years of experience they have, where they went to school and what other people are saying about them. Here's the answers to those questions about the Bankruptcy Attorneys at Kain & Scott.


Roseville_Bankruptcy_Lawyer_William_Kain.pngAfter obtaining his Bachelors Degree from St John's University of St Joseph, MN in 1972, acquiring his J.D. from the University of Minnesota Law School of Minneapolis, MN and being admitted to the MN Bar in 1982, William began practicing MN Bankruptcy in early 1983. Since then he has filed thousands of cases. Today, William practices exclusively in Bankruptcy. He is an active member of the American Bankruptcy Institute, National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys and enjoys guest lecturing at various colleges around the state on the topic of Bankruptcy. William finds the most gratifying part of his job seeing his clients smiling again after they've finally got debt freedom again.


Roseville_MN_Bankruptcy_Attorney_Wesley_Scott.pngAfter obtaining his Bachelors Degree from St Cloud State University in 1991, acquiring my J.D. from the William Mitchell College of Law of St Paul, MN in 1996 and admitted to the MN State Bar in 1996, he started practicing Bankruptcy Law. Since then just like William, Wesley has filed thousands of cases. Between Wesley and William they have filed over 7,500 cases. Wesley is also an active member of the National Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys, volunteer for Central MN Legal Services and am proactively working on ending the student loan crisis.


Roseville_Bankruptcy_Attorney_Margaret_Henehan_.jpgAfter obtaining her Bachelors Degree from the University of St Thomas of St Paul, MN in 2008, acquiring her J.D. from the William Mitchell College of Law of St Paul, MN in 2013 and admitted to the MN State Bar Margaret began practicing Law then soon after decides to practice Bankruptcy exclusively under the wings of Wesley and William. Since, she helped hundreds of Minnesotans free themselves from the burdens of overwhelming debt. Like Wesley and William she is also an active member of the National Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys. Margaret brings a unique light to the Kain & Scott practice. She can relate to clients with overwhelming student loan debt and unexpected medical bills.


If your looking for an experienced Bankruptcy Attorney in Roseville, MN contact Kain & Scott and let us help you get started on the road to debt freedom. We have an excellent customer support team and Lawyers looking forward serving you.

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