Maria Warhol


When people asked me as a kid what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer changed all the time. The one constant, however, was that I wanted a career where I could help people. I took several law classes in college and started thinking a career as a lawyer would be the best way for me to help people. I knew I was right as soon as I started law school. After graduation, I had opportunities that allowed me to explore different areas of law, and that ultimately led me to Kain & Scott P.A. and becoming a Bankruptcy Attorney.

I grew up in Maple Grove, MN with parents who both worked full-time to support our family. My parents always pushed me to continue my education and seek learning opportunities outside of school. I was encouraged to pursue my passions and interests, which at the time varied across a wide spectrum of topics and activities. As a kid, this meant I was the only one of my friends who could name all of the scientific names for native Minnesota trees, and spout off random facts about anything from the Titanic to great white sharks. Throughout my childhood, they also taught me the importance of hard work and giving back to others, something they both embodied in their lives as well. All of these things together allowed me to thrive as I tackled law school to become the lawyer I am today.

Outside of hard work and education, my parents also taught me the importance of balancing work and home life. My parents and I were involved in community theater together when I was a kid, and the passion that was sparked and nurtured there continues with me to this day. Since graduating law school, I have continued to volunteer in community theater as a way to give back to the community outside of my career. I find that when I am able to pursue both my passion for law and my passion for theater, I am better able to address the needs of my clients and help them get to a resolution of their case that leaves them in a better position than when they started. I want to continue to help others.