Kain & Scott’s offices are open. The entire bankruptcy process (including the initial consult and the court hearing) is done by Skype, Face Time, and phone. Kain & Scott is certified to file Minnesota bankruptcies electronically for immediate relief. Call us now at 1-800-551-3292. You will be glad you did!


Our Minnesota Bankruptcy team is here to help you through the bankruptcy process, assist our attorneys and keep all of our behind-the-scenes activities running smoothly and on schedule. Like the bankruptcy attorneys, the bankruptcy team are given continued employment and pay raises on how well they treat clients- not production. They are scored on professionalism, kindness, helpfulness, and how well they deliver exceptional customer service.


Elizabeth Norby

Operations Manager - Email Me
Most people in the office call me Liz. I am the operations manager at Kain & Scott. My sole responsibility is to make the process of filing a bankruptcy at Kain & Scott as soothing and comfortable as possible. They say that "micro managing" is a bad idea, but I don't - especially when it comes to micro managing the client's experience with us - no detail is too small if it makes the process more painless for the client. FUN FACT: When I was 3 years old I was at the zoo when a monkey jumped on the cage right in front of me. It scared me so bad - it made me fiercely afraid of dogs for the next 10 years!?

Stephanie Buerger

Intake Specialist - Email Me
I am a care giver by nature. I have been told by several clients that when they first called Kain & Scott and heard my voice over the phone, they were immediately put at ease and felt comfortable opening up about their financial troubles. I am here to help soothe the pain and make the process as comfortable for the client as possible. FUN FACT: I once went sliding down a hill in the winter time and got stuck under a car.

Sonja Quaintance

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lead - Email Me
Clients rely upon me to answer their questions, ease their stress, and help make their lives better. I never take that sacred trust for granted. I get a lot of satisfaction helping clients through the life of their chapter 13 plan and beyond. Don't tell my boss, but helping people through this process is rewarding enough - they don't even have to pay me! FUN FACT: I love hula hooping!

Lindsay Berthiaume

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lead - Email Me
Being a good listener is important in this business. I like to hear the client story and then offer reassurance that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. When they say it is darkest before the dawn that is so true - I know - because I am part of that light you see right after the dark. That is why I love what I do. FUN FACT: I was named after the actress Lindsay Wagner better known as "The Bionic Woman"!

Sarah Koenig

Director of First Impressions - Email Me
Giving out a warm greeting and a smile isn’t just my job, it’s how I live my life. Whether in person or on the phone I make sure your experience with Kain & Scott is nothing but the best. As Director of First Impressions it is my goal to have you feeling comfortable and at ease from the moment you walk in the door until the time you leave. FUN FACT: I was born on my brothers 3rd birthday.

Brittany Milless

Legal Assistant - Email Me
Being part of such an amazing, caring and compassionate team is the best feeling and knowing that each individual that works on the client’s case truly has their best interest in mind. My job is to reassure the client. I assist them with integrity and respect to help relieve the stress so they can get back to their way of life without a huge weight on their shoulders. FUN FACT: I am a three time All-American Cheerleader and I was on the All State Cheer team. Performing in London and also the Capital One Bowl

Samantha Googins

Legal Assistant - Email Me
Helping people has always been very important to me. That's why I enjoy working at Kain & Scott because I get the opportunity to not only help several people but also make a significant difference in their lives! Besides, my own family is no stranger to financial struggle, so I know first hand how wonderful it feels to have the weights lifted off your shoulders. FUN FACT: I’ve played softball since I was two years old.

Brandi Babatz

Legal Assistant - Email Me
What I enjoy about working at Kain & Scott is the absolutely wonderful people, relaxing atmosphere, and the fact that I am constantly learning and growing here. But, what I find truly rewarding working at Kain & Scott, is knowing the impact I am personally having on helping Minnesotans get their lives back on track- where they want and deserve to be. FUN FACT: I have never been beyond Minnesota’s surrounding states due to an extreme fear of airports and planes. My goal is to finally say “yes” to the annual girl’s trip that my friends put on and put my fears behind me.

Julie Sypnieski

Legal Assistant - Email Me
I love working at Kain & Scott because of the staff. Everyone here truly works as a team to help our clients and everybody loves their job! I have worked in several offices over the years and none of them compares to this one. There's nothing better than working in an environment where people are excited to be at work and treat you like family! FUN FACT: I have a super large family! I have seven siblings, 25 nieces and nephews, and 8 great nieces and nephews.

Tim Torreson

Guest Experience Specialist - Email Me
My name is Tim and I am the Guest Experience Specialist here at Kain & Scott. I’ve always enjoyed helping others and it makes me proud to work for a company dedicated to helping people in some of their hardest times. Fun Fact: I play guitar in a rock band!

Callie Frank

Document/Credit Repair Specialist - Email Me
I enjoy helping people and learning new things. As the Document Specialist, I make sure that you feel prepared going into your 341 meeting. As the Credit Repair Specialist, I get to help you understand your credit reports and how to build and monitor your credit for the future. Knowing that I am part of an amazing team, and that each and every one of us contributes towards giving someone their life back is the most rewarding feeling. The environment at Kain & Scott is one where you talk, we listen, and then we take the rest from there. We handle the communication and busy work, so you can focus on your life. Fun Fact: I used to be on the girls golf team when I was in middle school. When I was 13 years old, I got a hole-in-one!
Lead Accountant - Email Me
As lead accountant, I oversee accounting functions for Kain & Scott. Although most of my duties are behind the scenes, I also help customers devise their payment plans. Clients have already been through the bankruptcy process with our staff at this point, my conversations usually end with them saying “You guys have been great to work with!” I enjoy working at Kain & Scott because the staff cares for clients and each other. FUN FACT: I’m a twin!
Credit Repair Specialist - Email Me
I love working at Kain & Scott because I have always enjoyed helping others, through good and bad times! The staff at Kain & Scott are wonderful, and I am glad I have such an amazing team to work with! Fun Fact: I refuse to ride on a Ferris wheel, but I can jump out of a perfectly good airplane to go skydiving!
Guest Experience Specialist Email Me
As the Guest Experience Specialist, I’m one of the first people clients talk to for information and setting up appointments. It makes me so happy that I’m able to be a sounding board, calm some nerves and even share some laughs with clients that are unsure of the next step. I love that I get to be a small part of helping people start the brave process of getting their life back. I’m also very lucky to have found this firm. Starting from day one, every day is a joy to come to work. Not only is our team so willing to go above and beyond to help our clients, they go above and beyond to help each other as well. Fun Fact: I was a competitive figure skater from age 8-14 and am now a coach/instructor to beginners, figure skaters and hockey players for 25+ years now.
Director of First Impressions - Email Me
I’m Megan! I’m the first see you will see when walking into the Saint Cloud office. I never thought I would find a job that I love, but it’s true – I love working for Kain & Scott! I enjoy working with people so I’m happy to help in anyway. Fun fact: I LOVE to read. I read 70 books last year’s so I definitely have a few good book recommendations.

Kelsey Nelson

Legal Assistant - Email Me
As a Legal Assistant for Kain and Scott, it is so refreshing to be able to come to work every day and really enjoy what I'm doing. It's instant gratification hearing back from clients we have helped throughout the bankruptcy process to hear how much they appreciate our help and for giving them a fresh start! I'm so thankful to be a part of such an amazing team, I know each and every one of us are fully dedicated to helping everyone who walks through our doors. From day one- my coworkers have made me feel comfortable and I can assure you that we will all do the same for you! FUN FACT: Mushrooms are my favorite food!

Shayla Pikula

Director of First Impressions - Email Me
I couldn’t imagine working at any other place than at Kain & Scott. I am the first person you see as you walk through our doors and the last person to bid you good day! It brings me joy to be able to help brighten someone’s day whether they walk in or call in. I’m so happy that I get to be a part of a team that treats clients and co-workers like family. The atmosphere here is like no other. Fun Fact: I am a plant enthusiast; I have over 150 plants in my house!

Caroline Wallace

Legal Assistant - Email Me
Helping people has always been a passion of mine. Working at Kain & Scott gives me a chance to help people every day and that is why I love my job so much. My job is to help you feel at ease during the bankruptcy process. I strive to do the very best for every client here at Kain & Scott, I am here for you and you alone. Helping you get your life back is my favorite part of the day! Please reach out to me for any questions you have. Fun Fact: I was a Girl Scout for 12 years and am now a lifetime member. I was also top cookie seller in my troop for 6 years in a row.

Brittni Gallus

Legal Assistant - Email Me
Kain & Scott is a company that truly believes in helping others. I feel the same way and couldn’t ask for a better place to work with. As a legal assistant I am ready to help a with any questions you may have, and make it a smooth ride. I help to guide you through the steps alongside our amazing attorneys. Like the jingle says “We don’t judge you, we help you get your life back” and the team here truly wants to do just that. FUN FACT: I have been riding horses by myself since I was 4, and training by myself since I was 13. My family currently owns over 24 horses.
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