Kain & Scott is open and fully staffed during our normal hours! UPDATE: Starting June 1, 2020 Kain & Scott will offer in-person initial consultations and review and sign appointments for those who are willing to use hand sanitizer and wear a mask while in-office (one will be provided to you if you don’t have one). In-person appointments are only available to guests who are not sick on the date of the in-person appointment and who have not had Covid 19 symptoms in the last 14 days from the appointment date. Any in-person appointment can be easily converted to a phone, Skype, Face Time, or Zoom appointment if necessary. For those who prefer, we can still do the initial consultation and review and sign appointment by phone, Skype, Face Time, or Zoom.

Kainscott's Free*, In-House,
90-Day Credit Repair Program

Eliminate Debt And Repair Your Credit - FAst


At Kain & Scott we don't judge you, we help you get your life back! We want to help you get rid of debt and help you improve your credit score - FAST! Our Exclusive FREE, In-House, 90 Day Credit Repair Program, limited to Kain & Scott guests ONLY, will do exactly that.

At Kain & Scott we strongly encourage every one of our guests to enroll in our FREE, in-house, 90 day credit repair program. Here's why:


  1. FREE Personal credit repair specialist to help you!
  2. FREE exclusive list of Minnesota professionals who are committed to helping Kain & Scott's guests get their lives back during and after bankruptcy by helping guests obtain auto and home loans (and other services)
  3. FREE Judgment removal*
  4. FREE Credit repair program*
  5. FREE educational course to learn tricks on how to increase your credit score and make lenders want to lend you money under favorable terms


  1. TO HELP YOU make sure all of your credit reports reflect accurate information post bankruptcy discharge
  2. TO HELP YOU remove all judgements entered against you that are legally possible to remove
  3. TO GIVE YOU an exclusive list of MN professionals who assist our guests in getting their lives back by offering mortgages, auto financing, and other services
  4. TO GIVE YOU valuable information and tactics to get your credit score on the road to 850 - FAST!



If you are interested in taking advantage of the above program and have already filed, please contact gstrait@kainscott.com. This program is FREE for 90 days after your discharge is entered, so act fast!


If you are interested in taking advantage of the above program but haven't filed Contact Us today for a free no-obligation consultation. First, we eliminate your debt. Second, we will enroll you in our FREE, In-House, 90 Day Credit Repair Program and help you get on the road to an 850 credit score - FAST!

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